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New York Primary School

Preschool & Wraparound Care

We are working in partnership with Gipsey Bridge Preschool to provide wraparound care


Where Children come first and play matters!

Gipsey Bridge Preschool is a small rural non profit making preschool that puts a key emphasis on family values and developing good social skills. Children are cared for by highly qualified staff that have a wealth of experience in childcare and in children's needs. The key person system allows parents to always have a point of contact to discuss children's progress and also creates a close family orientated environment.

Children have the opportunity to learn through real and creative experiences. Staff are committed and motivated to ensure that everyday is fun and exciting for all children regardless of their age, ability or needs.

The setting provides two large playrooms and an outdoor area. They also have access to a large playing field which hosts a variety of large physical equipment and is used to hold an annual teddy bears picnics and sports day. The setting also offer visits to the local community and engages in as many extended activities as possible for example strawberry picking, visiting the farm, paddling at the dinky pools at Skegness. 

Find out more, including costs:

Contact:   Maxine Holland, Manager

Tel:           01205 280921

E-mail:     [email protected] 

Location:  Leagate Road, Gipsey Bridge, Boston, Lincs  PE22 7BU


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