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New York Primary School


Our school policies relate to the day-to-day administration of the school.

We are committed to working in partnership with parents, families and carers.  We are a community school and we work hard to develop a network of support for our families. 

The school policies cover all aspects of our duty of care to ensure that our school remains a safe and secure environment for your child and our staff.

Since becoming an Academy and founding member of Horncastle Education Trust in December 2018, some of our policies are held at trust level.  




Other policies relate specifically to our school, these can be viewed below. 


Below is a selection of helpful forms which you can collect from school or download from the list below:

Annual Pupil Update Contact Form: 

This form is important for ensuring that the school have all the correct contact information on your child(ren) and should be completed and sent to us annually or when there are changes to any of the information required on the form. This will ensure we can contact you and any other persons in an emergency for instance.

Annual Pupil Update Contact Form

Application for Pupil Premium Funding: 

If you think that your child(ren) are entitled to receive free school meals, then please complete this form and return it to us to have your entitlement checked. Details for eligibility are on the form.Application for Pupil Premium Funding

New Pupil Form:

 If your child(ren) is due to start school in Reception or is a newcomer to the school from another school, please complete this form and return it to us to ensure that we have all the correct information.New Pupil Form

Request for Exceptional Leave: 

If you need to take your child(ren) out of school during term time then you will need to complete this form for the school to assess and authorise any leave requested.Request for Exceptional Leave

School Medicine Form: 

Where your child needs to have medicine administered during school hours, we will require the details of the medicine and dosage so that we can correctly administer the medicine for your child whilst in school.School Medicine Form